History of Slots

Slots are instantly recognisable and fun to play. They occupy the majority of the floorspace in any casino because of the popularity among players, but it earns great income for the casinos as well. The shifting of this game online is as a result of technological advancement which has removed the physical burden from slots, so now more and more varieties of slots are added online each day and people have more options to choose from.

So where did the wonderful game of slots begin?

Modern-day slots have a history that reaches all the way back to the 19th century. It all started in 1887 in a town in the American state of California, where a mechanic Charles Fey developed a slot machine for the first time. Fey’s slot was a simple affair; a three-reeled machine with five symbols that were spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell gave the most handsome payout of the five symbols and thus the machine was named the Liberty Bell. In 1891, two game developers from New York, Sittman and Pitt, introduced a slot machine with five reels, and 50 cardfaces which used variety of poker combinations to give the payout. This is taken as the founding basis of modern day slots.

In 1963, Bally manufacturers introduced a slot machine that made waves in the industry. It was called Money Honey, the first ever completely automatic slot machine that could pay around 500 coins without needing any assistance. Because it needed less attendants to help operate the game, it became very popular with game parlour owners who could stock a large number of them.

Video slots appeared on the casino strip in 1976, and gained popularity so much so that they are still the favourite game for many a player who visits a casino. The modifications which led to the development of video slots also made the machines more cheat-proof, making them even more popular with casino owners.

Modern advanced technology has enabled slot machine developers to increase the number of paylines in slot machines, giving the player a chance to enjoy greater complexity in the gaming sphere. It also gives them more opportunities to win. These days, many slot machines do not use the idea of paylines at all; rather they use a ‘ways of winning’ approach and some machines have more than 243 ways to win.

The latest trend is to create movie-based slots, as they are attractive and exciting. Software developers are expected to use the theme fully and explore the concept of the movie within the game.

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